Search for new listings in a specific building or buildings.

Use the building group feature on the search page to have the system search for listings in a specific building or buildings.

From the search page click on the link titled "Add A New Building Group".

Enter a name for your building group then type the address or building name of the building or buildings you would like to be search. As you type the street address the system will show a list of buildings that match. Click on the address to add the building to your building group list. You can add as many buildings as you need to the list. When you are ready, click on the submit button. Now that you created a building group you can select the building group from the existing building group drop down menu.

**Remember that you can only search using one of the criteria functions for location. (I.e. Building Group, Street Grid, Neighborhood or Map.)

The only other required field you need to enter before you can save this search is the price range. If you like you can select any of the other criteria options to narrow down your search. (I.e. apartment features or apartment criteria).

If you want to receive a daily email alert or want the email to go directly to your customer you will want to check off the boxes on the top right-hand corner titled "Notify Customer via Email" or "Notify Agent via Email" . You can check both if you want to receive the email as well as your customer.

Once you have entered the additional criteria click the save search or run search button. When you run the search the results will only be based on the buildings you selected in the building group you are searching.

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