Changing Listing Distribution

Once a listing has been processed by OLR and the OLR/REBNY listing distribution box was checked off this can not be undone. If the check box was accidentally checked off mark the listings as permanently off the market (POM), you will then need to re-enter the listing correctly.
If the OLR/REBNY listing distribution box was not checked off and you need the exclusive listing to be distributed to all OLR users and the REBNY Listings Service you will need to contact your company administrator.
As an administrator go to the agent's Manage Listings page and click on the Send to OLR icon Send to OLR.
The listing will be pushed to the OLR data department for processing.  Once the listing is processed it will be available to OLR users that are entitled to have access to your listing with in 24 hours.  If OLR is your company's REBNY Listing Service (RLS) vendor the listing will be distributed to the RLS.
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