Listing Distribution


Listing Distribution tells the system where your listing should be visible.


When OLR/REBNY is checked off the listing when entered and processed by OLR will be visible to everyone using OLR that is entitled to have access to your listing. This check box should only be checked when you are entering an exclusive listing that you are co-broking with other companies.  This listing will also appear on your company's OLR powered website.
Once a listing has been processed by OLR and the OLR/REBNY listing distribution box was checked off this can not be undone.   If the check box was accidentally checked off mark the listings as permanently off the market (POM).  You will then need to re-enter the listing correctly.
If you did not check off the OLR/REBNY listing distribution box and need the exclusive listing to be distributed to all OLR users and the REBNY Listings Service see your company administrators.
If Internal is selected only agents from your company will be able to see your listing.  Only check off the Internal check box if you are entering an open listing and want to share the listing with agents from your company.  You do not need to check this box if you only want the listing to appear on your company's website.  See "Company Web".
Company Web
This check box is only available to companies that have a website powered by OLR.  When Company Web is checked off the listing will be pushed to your company's website.  If you enter an open listing and select Internal and want the listing to appear on your company's website you need to check off the Company Web box.
Internet Opt-Out
Checking off the Internet Opt-Out will remove the listing from your company's OLR powered website and any third party feed your company maybe distributing through OLR's data feed system.  The listing will be visible in OLR to everyone using OLR that is entitled to have access to your listing.  Also if OLR is set as your company's REBNY Listing Service (RLS) vendor the listing will be distributed to the REBNY Listing Service (RLS).
Under the terms of the REBNY Universal Co-Brokerage Agreement, the owner of a property has the option to "opt-out" of having his/her property appear on the Internet.  This would include any inclusion in any VOW (Virtual Office Website) sites, the company's own website, third -party web sites or advertising mechanisms such as the New York Times.
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