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Activating your NYC Home Review Personalized Page

To get started with NYC Home Review follow these instructions:

  1. Log on to
  2. Go to My Customers....View Customers
  3. Click on the NYC Home Review Settings button on the top right hand corner of the page
  4. Enter your personalized URL
  5. Click the Activate button

Once you have activated your NYC Home Review account your can invite your customer.


Inviting Your Customer to View Their Portfolio

Once you have added a customer to OLR and saved a search for them, you will have the option to invite your customer to view their portfolio online.


  1. Go to My Customers
  2. Click on the Invite icon   under the action tools for the customer you want
  3. Decide on how you want the address to be displayed and what information you want to hide for this particular customer
  4. Click on the Send Invite button

The emailed invitation will provide a link to an online portfolio that will contain the listings you save to their portfolio on OLR. The first time they visit NYC Home Review they will be required to create a password, in the email it will say "Click here", they'll then get prompted to create the password. 

**To resend the invite go to "my customers" click NYC Home Review then click on the  Resend Invite  symbol to resend.


Where to find your NYC Home Review URL?

You can find your URL under the "My customers" tab, click on NYC Home Review and the next page will show the URL as well as a list of your customers. You can also customize the URL from this page, just click where it says "customize URL".


Accessing NYC Home Review: For Customer

In order to login to NYC Home Review you must first receive an invitation from a real estate agent who has access to NYC Home Review.

1) Open invite that was sent by an agent that is using NYC Home Review

2) In the NYC Home Review Invitation email, click on the activate account link

3) You will be directed to the NYC Home review page where you can enter  password for your account

Note: After your account is created you can access NYC Home Review by going to agent’s personalized url. This can be found in the original invitation email.




Resetting NYC Home Review Password: For Customer

1) Go to your agent’s NYC Home Review link I.e.,

2) Click on the Forgot My Login link

3) Enter the email you used to sign up for NYC Home Review and click Submit

4) In the NYC Home Review Password Reset email select the Click Here link to reset your account password

5) On the password reset page enter your new password and confirm before hitting submit



Deactivating a customer on NYC Home Review

To remove a customer from your NYC Home Review page, go to "My Customers" click on "NYC Home Review", find the customer you want to disable and click the  Disable  icon. This will disable the customer immediately.

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