Slideshow Instructions for your OLR Powered Website

There are two types of slideshows that are used on the homepage of your OLR powered company website.


Static Slideshow:  The images for a static slideshow  are typically stock photos selected by the client and are uploaded to the website by the web developer.  To change these images you need to contact the web developer.


Dynamic Slideshow:  The images for a dynamic slideshow are pulled from any active listing entered into OLR that has a slideshow image.  Since the slideshow image is usually larger than your standard listing photo the slideshow image must be uploaded separately.


** It is important that you know the exact pixel size of the slideshow image before you upload to your website.  If you do not know the size speak to your web developer.  


To upload a slideshow image to your OLR powered company website follow these steps:


  1.  Logon to

  2.  Go to My Listings… Manage Listings

  3.  Click on the upload manager icon next to the listing

  4.  Go to the Slideshow tab

  5.  Press the “Click Here to Upload Slideshow” button

  6.  Then add  a file and click “Start Upload”

  7.  When the progress bar reaches 100% close the window

Please allow up to 30 minutes for the slideshow image to appear on your company’s website.



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