How to Feature a Listing on Your Company Website

There two ways to feature a listing on our company's OLR powered website.

Dynamic:  If your website is set to feature listings dynamically there is no action on your part.  The website uses a predetermined algorithm that decides which listings to feature.

Manual:  If your website is set to feature listings manually then you must choose which listings you would like featured.

To choose which of your listings are featured on your company's website follow these steps:

1.  Log on to

2.  Go to My Listings...Listing Syndication... View Feeds

3.  Find the column titled Featured

4.  Check the box in the featured column next to the listing you would like to feature

5.  Click Submit




Alternatively you can choose to feature a listing on the entry form when entering or editing a listing. 



Your company may limit the number of listings you can feature.  To find out the number of featured listings that have been allotted to you go to Listings...Listing Syndication... View Feeds.   


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