Instructions on How To Upload Press to your OLR Powered Website

To add press you will need to log into an admin account and Click on "Upload Company Files" under the Administration drop-down option


Here are the steps you will need to follow in order to upload press.

  1. Log on to OLR
  2. Go to My Home... Administration.... Upload Company Files
  3. Click on the link to add a new company file
  4. File in the required fields

  5. Enter the title of the article

  6. Enter the source (i.e. NEW YORK TIMES)

  7. Choose Type as "IN THE PRESS"

  8. Choose Access Type as "PUBLIC"

  9. Enter description of the article.  If would to enter a link to the source's website you can insert the following code snippet:

  • <a href="  []("> Description copy pasted from the article</a>
  • Make sure to put in the URL of the article in the quotations within the <a> tag

  •  You can also include a PDF copy of the article

  •  For the THUMBNAIL use a logo belonging to the source of the article.  The dimension for the thumbnail are 150 pixels by 105 pixels)


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