Search Result Page

1. After Running a Search, you are directed to search result page. 

At the top you will find following: 

Back Button: Takes you back one step 

X Listings Found: Shows how many listings your search has yield. 

Filter: Helps to organize content in preferred manner. 

Map: Brings you to the Map View of your search results 

Each listing has a 3 dot menu button. Options are:

Add to Customer Portfolio: Will prompt you to select a customer and listing group you want to save the listing under. 

Add to Customer Itinerary: Will prompt you to select a customer, date, and time for your appointment.

Contact Agent: Displays contact information for listing agent.

Share Listing: Sends a short URL with listing details via one of messaging apps installed on your phone.

Building Details: Takes you to the building details page for selected listing. 



Listing Tile is full of helpful information like: 

1. Thumbnail preview 2. Neighborhood and address 3. Service Level

4. Ownership 5. Status 6. Size 7. Price 

Swiping left gives you additional information about the listing:

8. Access 9. Availability 10. Price drop/increase 11. Listing type

12. Date of last Update 13. Listed Date 

Swiping right will show contact information and give you the ability to Contact the Agent

Once you click on the Listing Tile, you'll end up on Listing Page.


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