Adding listing to your client's portfolio that does not match search criteria

Sometimes you will come across a listing on OLR that does not match your client's search criteria, but never the less would be perfect for them. 

In order to add the listing to your client's portfolio, you need to extend your search criteria to cover the listing parameters, add the listing, and change the search criteria back to original state. 

Example: Your client Joe is looking for a studio between $1-2000. You happen to stumble upon a listing that is $2050. Knowing that the extra $50 would not be an issue for Joe in this case, you want to add the listing to his portfolio. You are not able to save the listing to the portfolio unless it matches the search criteria set up for Joe ($1-2000), so you'll need to preform following:

  1. Navigate to My Customers > View Customers.
  2. Click on + sign on the left hand side of your customer's name to expand all saved searches.
  3. Click on edit icon for the search you would like to adjust.
  4. Edit search criteria to match apartment parameters (in our case we would change the price from $1-2000 to $1-2050)
  5. Save Search 
  6. Find the listing that will now match the search criteria and save it clients portfolio
  7. Navigate to My Customers > View Customers and repeat the process, but reverse the changes that were previously made. 

End Result: You have a listing in your client's portfolio that is outside of a current search scope. 

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