My Listings

You can access your listings directly from the Home Dash.


At the top of the page, you can Map your listings, choose different type of listing (Rental, Sale, BFS) or sort your listing by desired criteria. 


Action menu allows you to Filter listings (Active/Inactive), as well as sort, or Select multiple at the same time. 

Three dotted option on each listing will give you following options: 

Edit Listing: Let's you quickly change status, price, and broker summary 

Add to Customer Portfolio: Will prompt you to select a customer and listing group you want to save the listing under. 

Add to Customer Itinerary: Will prompt you to select a customer, date, and time for your appointment.

Share Listing: Sends a short URL with listing details via one of messaging apps installed on your phone. 

Building Details: Takes you to a building page

Floorplan: Let's you preview existing floor plan

From the Edit Listing page, you can:

Manage Open Houses: Add or Edit Open Houses for your listing. 

Manage Media: Lets you view and rearrange your listing media, as well as add a picture directly from your device by taking a photo or selecting existing image. 



Action button on Media Manager will allow you to Add, Reorder or Delete any photos. You can Add photos by Taking a picture, using Last Photo Taken, Choosing From Library, or Importing a file. 



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