My Customers

Your customers are directly available from Home Dash. 

You can select which customer you would like to work with  by scrolling trough or searching by name. You can add a new customer by pressing + button. Action Button will allow you to view Inactive customers, as well as Reorder the list. 

Once you select a customer to work with, you'll be taken to their profile page

Main options on this page are: 

Saved Searches: Displays the list of previously saved searches.

Portfolio: Proposed, To Be Seen, Favored, and Dismissed listings.

Itinerary: Scheduled and Past Appointments.

You can contact your client via profile page using saved contact info or add client to your phone book. 

Client level sharing options are available at the bottom of the page. Specify what you want this customer to see, and you won't have to apply those options every time you send them a listing. 

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